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Employment and Enterprise

Pathways assisted in creating the EU Leonardo Mobility funded training and development programme ‘ENTRAIN’ in consultation with our clients in Romania. The programme included many of the distinctive constituents of a Pathways training exercise.

This programme with young professionals from 'Karacter SA' provided a two week training using a series of activities and visits enabling participants to increase their understanding of training and employment issues through an increased knowledge of the UK context. Based in Mid and North Wales, Pathways trainers provided a complete package including the organisation of all travel and accommodation. In taking responsibility for all aspects of the visit, Pathways created a training experience with unique, in- depth, studies easily adjusted through a continual formative evaluation process.

Employment issues and the encouraging of entrepreneurship in rural areas was the training focus. The programme provided a series of study visits to

    University of Wales, Bangor (studying teaching and learning processes)
    Professional and voluntary projects (aimed at providing employment opportunities)
    Rural festivals (organised as community commercial initiatives)
    Hereford Cathedral and Mappa Mundi (Innovative management of cultural resources)
    Community College, Bishop’s Castle (investigating educational programmes)
    Powys County Council (staff training and development)
    The Welsh Assembly (the role of regional authorities)

The programme provided the above elements in the overall context of an exploratory journey for the participants. This visit was, for most, a first foreign visit. The informal elements of the programme included co-operative work in leisure situations and management of a range of social activities shared with the host group.

It is these deeper personal and social elements that make each Pathways programme a uniquely valuable experience of exploration and discovery.


  To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
Marilyn vos Savant