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Richard Beaumond

Richard Beaumond has expertise in a wide range of Arts activities as writer, producer and musician. His interest in drama includes its use in education, especially at community level. He has conceived and delivered a wide variety projects, including site specific community plays, publications, installations, murals & events.

In all these activities, groups and individuals have been enabled to develop a wide range of creative personal and social skills. Many of these activities have been published in various forms: Along the Line, an oral history of the Heart of Wales Railways Line (1996), Puffing Through Fairyland, an evocation of the Bishop’s Castle Railway (1999), poetry anthologies with the Border poets include Leaves at the World’s Edge, The Path from the year’s height, Lodestones and most recently The Lord’s Hill Project, an oral history of Gone to Earth filmed by Powell and Pressburger in 1949 on the site of the original book by Mary Webb, with over 300 local participants.

Richard has also been a South West dialect adviser to the BBC with How to spake Salop. The associated programmes are available on the BBC website and through Pentabus and other theatre companies.


  To see far, that is one thing, to go there that is another.
Constantin Brancusi